Home Performance with ENERGY STAR offers "whole house” solutions to reduce both your energy costs and carbon footprint. Installing energy efficient upgrades in your home can save you up to 30% on energy costs and increase the comfort, safety, and durability of your home. 

Home Performance will help resolve indoor air quality problems in your home. Health effects from indoor air pollutants may be experienced soon after exposure or, possibly, years later. Learn how detrimental poor indoor air quality can be to your family's health.

New Jersey homeowners now have until June 30, 2018 to receive up to $4,000 in financial incentives. You may also qualify for 0% interest financing (up to $10,000 with a 7-year maximum term) or 4.99% financing (up to $15,000 with a 10-year maximum term) to help pay for the energy-efficient upgrades!














Single family homes and townhouses, and residential buildings of 2-4 units (individual living spaces) are eligible for the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program. A townhouse is a single-family dwelling unit constructed in groups of three or more attached units in which each unit extends from foundation to roof and with open space on at least two sides.



Home Energy Audit


Specially trained and certified technicians will assess your home from top to bottom.  The technician will take inventory, report on the current conditions in your home and will test for:


What to Expect from a Home Energy Audit:


  • Health and safety check (carbon monoxide levels, moisture, and indoor air quality problems)

  • Overall comfort level (cold/hot spots, indoor air quality stuffiness/stale odors)

  • Air sealing opportunities

  • Insulation levels

  • Heating system efficiency

  • Cooling system/central air conditioning efficiency, if applicable

  • Domestic hot water system efficiency





















Benefits and Incentives


  • Financial Incentives and Benefits to Customers: 

The New Jersey Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program (HPwES) offers financial incentives on energy efficient improvement packages. The more energy savings measures you decide to install, the greater the incentive you may be eligible to receive. Enhanced incentives are available based on the home's estimated total energy savings (TES), as a result of energy efficient measures installed. The table below breaks down the incentives offered by the program and requirements for eligible measures.* 


  • Health & Safety Benefits to Customers

From audit to completion safety to the customer comes first. Your contractor will identify any potential health and safety issues during the initial audit (assessment). Any issues that arise will need to be addressed before any energy efficiency improvements can be made through the program


  • Long-Term Benefit:

-Lower energy bills

-Less energy use

-A more comfortable, safe and durable home

-Improved indoor air quality

-Reduces your carbon footprint

-Better for the environment

-Tests your home’s carbon monoxide levels

-Provides greater peace of mind and confidence


New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program


Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Energy Star (HPwES) offers “whole-house” solutions to increase the comfort, safety, and durability of your home. Installing energy efficient upgrades can save you up to 30% on energy costs and reduce both your energy use and carbon footprint. The HPwES Program is available to all New Jersey’s natural gas and electric utility customers and, for a limited time, to municipal electric, oil, and propane customers, as well.


cuGreenLoans is an interest-free loan offering provided by New Jersey Clean Energy Program’s Home Performance with Energy Star Program (HPwES) that helps New Jersey residents make improvement on their home while also making an improvement on the environment. Eligible homeowners participating in the cuGreenLoans program enjoy interest-free financing through local not-for-profit credit unions. All projects must be completed using a HPwES participating contractor who is BPI accredited, and all improvement must be made with HPwES Program’s eligible measures.



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