Understanding Ducted Mini-Split Systems

Horizontal-ducted mini-split systems are an advanced air conditioning technology that provides efficient and discreet temperature control. These systems consist of an indoor unit, an outdoor condenser, and a conduit for connecting them, with the indoor unit typically installed in the ceiling or under the floor, rendering it practically invisible.

The system operates by circulating refrigerant between the indoor and outdoor units — the indoor unit absorbs heat from the room and transfers it to the outdoor unit, which then expels it outside. This cycle repeats, thereby cooling the space. Notably, because these systems are “ducted,” they can distribute cooled air to multiple rooms at once, offering a seamless solution for maintaining a comfortable indoor environment.

As a Mitsubishi Electric Certified Diamond Contractor, ACE Solutions is able to offer our community top-quality ducted mini-split installation services to ensure our customers enjoy year-round comfort with minimal disruptions.

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